Horatio Barracuda and the Surfboard of Destiny
A few mockup screens from "the game that never was."
A giant undertaking for my Flash class; trying to design, write, code, make art and animation, and debug a "SIMPLE" point and click adventure game, ala LucasArts.

It really was a good idea, and a lot of pretty decent art, and I even got a sort of working flash with a few screens out of it.
(Be warned, it's a litte buggy, you may have to reload)
In the end it was just too much for one person to do solo in a 14 week period. But it was VERY good experience in coding/playing with Flash scripts, and building applications, etc.

The story I came up with was also very good, with a large cast of quirky characters and a funny plot that I might revisit someday.