Dustbunny Pictures 2016 Gallery

A year of adaptation, and some struggle. Grandpa died.

My creative life has slowed to a crawl, as my day job and repaying debt became my primary focus during this year.

(The LC Experiment continues.)

About halfway through I did manage to afford a refurbished Surface.
(after the Cintiq's power supply failed, and Wacom decided to stop any support whatsoever,
in lieu of newer models, so I couldn't find a replacement, like at all.)

It was a much better choice, I should have gotten one in the first place. My workflow improved slightly, over the Cintiq, with a full version of Adobe, but I found myself gravitating to Sketchbook and Manga Studio, for a lot of my work. Plus it's super portable, so I can take it with me whereever I go!

Still Work kept me so busy, I barely had time to work on Comics, Animation, Illustrations, my Website or any really any projects I had in mind.
Just a lot of planning, writing, and revisions.
Captain Kelly - Getting a full Reboot, semi-rewrite, and makeover as a series of single panel boards to make up the comic.
Intergalactic Police - Soft Reboot, minor art revisions/improvments and continuance of plot, eventually
Maggie and Mitch - Finishing the first comic issue, then disassemble and redo as Animation Pilot, like I should have done in the first place. It NEEDS to be a cartoon.
Hoodrat - Got a great script going but can't find time to hammer out solid art concepts.
The Election sucked too. For everyone.

So enjoy the fruits of my artistic endeavors, what few there were to be had this year.

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