Dustbunny Pictures 2021 Gallery

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The Bad News:
Cancer Diagnosis after Colonoscopy,
Surgery to Remove a Stage 2 Tumor in Sigmoid Colon,
Months of Recovery, Chemotherapy

The Good News:
Started Working Hard into "Where the Boys Are" Animation Production refining animation workflow
Got Full Art Teaching Certification after a 2-Year Course Load And Student Teaching Program

So it was a bit of a hit and miss Year...

Cancer sucks, Surgery and Chemo Hurts, but for some odd reason I
reveled in every moment of the experience, and Kicked Cancer's ASS!
(At least for now.)
Get yourself checked. Schedule a Colonoscopy. Can happen as early as 40 now apparently.

Some Art was still made, lot of dabbling, brainstorming, problem-solving
and REALLY getting hooked on Animating.
It's feels more like Technology has caught up to me and
I'm in a place now where I can hand-animate
like a 2D Traditionalist in a Digital Age. It feels AWESOME.

And there was the Student Teaching thing, while on Chemo, writing cirriculum takes up time too.
And the students were FUN, taught for 3 months, with a 6 week unit on "Cartooning".
Only so much you can do in a Year though.

We're still in the process of adding Art.
Please bear with us...