SO, you want want me to draw a little something?
No problem!
But what you have to ask yourself is:
"Is it within my budget?"

Chances are, it probably is.

I'm reasonable, I'm affordable, I'm talented and I'm creative.
And more than likely I can help you find the right solution to your artistic needs.
So let's give you a taste of what you can expect, via a brief tour of
some of my more common production methods and available services.

But before you do ANYTHING ELSE...

CONTACT ME FIRST for Availability:

My schedule for art is usually VERY open, though, and I take all sorts of requests.
Still, it never hurts to ask...

Simple Character, Art or Other Illustrations
Prices will increase depending on complexity of the proposed project. This includes backgrounds, multiple characters, etc.

This is often the most common request and is usually A4 or 8"x11", or other smaller Standard Print sizes.

For Example: Cheapest Option: (Pencil, Ink, Digital Color Render) = $40
Fastest Option: (All Digital) = $60

Simple Sketch
(Pencil or Digital)
Pencil is usually Higher Quality on Cardstock
Digital is faster, but very loose
(Inking, or Digital)
Graphite and/or Ink is Faster,
Digital is "cleaner" and print ready

Fine Arts or Digital Color
Fine Arts is anything tactile used in rendering, paint etc.
Digital is cheaper and faster

$5 (Digital) - $10 (Pencil) +$10 (Inks) - $20(Digital) +$20(Digital) - $40 (Fine Arts)

Large Format Rendering
Anything Larger than Standard print size of A4 or 8"x11"
Paint (Oils, Watercolor, Acrylic)

Also Large Format, unless smaller size is specifically requested.

3D Modeling
Starts at $30 and increase
depending on size and cost of materials.
Starts at $60
plus cost of materials

Flat $100 Starting Fee for:

Simple Models/Sculpts, Geometrics, & Text
Image Renders only. For motion, apply Animation Rates below.

Character models may levy additional fees.
Variations depend on complexity/time of the build/collaboration, terms of contract.
Models built/animated in Maya.


The "Basic" Animation Charge is $5 per Foot. (12 Frames)
So roughly $10/per second, at 24 FPS, (rough animation) and additional fees apply for cleanup, etc.

Choice of Traditional Hand Drawn, or 3D Modeled.

Hand Drawn has the advantage of being cheaper/faster to produce.
3D Animation has the advantage of reusable/updatable models, but modeling rates apply for 3D animations.
Flash is also available as an option for production in hand drawn, contact if needed.

Storyboarding/Writing/Comic services are also available, and utilize the illustration rates.
Discounts are available for bulk or rush storyboard projects, but at diminished quality/rough sketch only.


Click the player for a Demo
(Requires Quicktime 7 or Higher)

As low as $15-20/per minute. Depends on method, speaking voice, character, and amount of copy to read.

Get in contact with me to discuss projects.
I'll accept proposals, go over the details with you during production,
give you a quote, prepare an invoice, etc.
All to get you what you want.

Payments will be available and accepted via Amazon Payments or Paypal.