This Section of the "shop" is where I post Original Artwork for Sale.

One-of-a-Kind Pieces, I can bear to part with, for a price.

It's first come, first served, and if you get it, it's yours to keep.
Display in your home or office, or do whatever you wish with it.
Anything EXCEPT mass reproduce it, and profit off of my hard work,
that'd be unethical, unjust and plain ol' mean.
(I might be leniant in some cases, like a cut of the profit margin)

But before you do ANYTHING ELSE...

CONTACT ME FIRST for Availability:

My schedule for art is usually VERY open, though, and I take all sorts of requests.
Still, it never hurts to ask...

Current Art Pieces for Sale
Prices are set as listed, and reflect the amount of effort the piece would be worth given my commission rates.

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Payments will be available and accepted via Amazon Payments or Paypal.