Dustbunny Comics

A collection of comics I've been producing and publishing online over the years.
I do these not only to hone my artistic skills, but to improve my storytelling skills, and just to have fun, and let my imagination wander.

Last Site Update: April 2013


Hoodrat - New series. Scripting, starting posts soon.
Murasaki Majo Maggie Matilla - Issue 1 - 50%
Popoki's Island - New pages coming
IGP - Issue 5; Script Complete, New Pages/Site Reboot in Prog.
Captain Kelly - Scripted/ New Pages Drawn, (up to Issue 3) / Partial Reboot in Prog

Ongoing Series

Murasaki Majo Maggie Matilla
Status: Active, Issue 1 @ 50%

Popoki's Island
Status: Semi-Hiatus, New Pages to add.

Captain Kelly
Status: Semi-Hiatus, Partial Reboot.

Chronicles of the Intergalactic Police
Status: Semi-Hiatus, Issue 5 Underway, Reboot/Redraw planned.

Single Shots

Which are still good story ideas I had, just don't know if I'll ever have a chance to finish them. Or remake them...

The Joker: Punchline

The Matrix: The Green Man

Beast Wars: Airhammer

And some of my ideas and works from earlier times...

Johnathan Ace



Vicious Kitten

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