The Movie Theater
I always strive to improve my skill as an animator and story teller.
A few of my animated accomplishments and endeavors are here.

Site Update - 2018:
As technology changes my method of presentation has been forced to adapt.
Quicktime and Flash now being defunct methods of video streaming on most browsers,
I've been forced to upload most of my video content to Youtube.

While this does force me to tread lightly because of rampant automated copyright claims,
I've kept most of these videos unlisted and unmonetized and only linked to this page,
for animation presentation only. There's also the fact I'm at the mercy of bandwidth,
so the clarity and latency of the video is only as good as the viewer's connection.
I suppose it's good for archival purposes if nothing else. With that said:
Enjoy the newfound trove of all my OLD animations I dug up! History can be illuminating!

Whatever the future of tech brings, I'm just going to keep animating. Because I can!

Upcoming Projects and Works In Development
Click images for more info/progress.

"Maggie & Mitch" - Pitch/Pilot, Anime Parody, Series, 2D

"Where The Boys Are" - Tiny Toons Music Video Homage, 2D


"Captain Kelly" - Hybrid Comic/Radio Play
Storyboard/animatics set to Dialogue/Audio, released as a serials

"Neokinetica (Escapee II)" - Short film/music video, 3D

"Stray Cat Strut" & "Lil' Red Riding Hood" - Music Videos

"Hoodrat" - Fable-based film/comic series. Scripting.

The Nostalgia Corner
Older Features and Short Films
Some of my earliest work, from forever ago. I used to use programs like Infini-D, Quicktime and Superpaint.
Maya and Flash complicated things in college. Now I'm in a good place though, using a little of all the skills I've learned.


The Dr. Gunther VonHymlich Science Fun Kit (1998)

Escapee (2005)

Kai Kohola (2002)

DueL (2008)

Nannerbot (2008)

When Dustbunnies Attack (2001)

IGP Episode 0 - "Gamoth" (1999)

IGP Episode 1 Trailer (2001)

Maggie and Mitch - CM Test (2008)

RJ Oxul (2009)

No Smoking (1997)

Stray Cat Strut - Storyboards (2006)

This ZOO

"Blond" Dialogue Pencil Test

Sack Drop

2007 Demo Reel

Animated GIFs - Various

All Materials Copyright © 1996-2018 Matthew Henry Ford / Dustbunny Pictures
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